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The first, original curler,

now becomes




In 1936, Mario Giussani created the first eyelash curlers in Italy with artisan care. Today this tradition evolves, with the first NICKEL FREE eyelash curlers, a detail of style and femininity, even for those who are sensitive, allergic or intolerant to nickel. Its sturdy, carefully calibrated, double-leg design allows direct, controlled pressure to be applied, guaranteeing perfect results every time.

The large curved head adapts perfectly to different eye shapes, even managing to grip eyelashes right at the edges. The shaped rubber, with its exclusive patent, ensures good grip without damaging even the most fragile of lashes. The packaging includes a patented spare rubber pad for guaranteed maximum result.




cod. PG100


cod. PG02

This is the very first, created in 1936 by Mario Giussani, the inventor of the eyelash curler, and it boasts a wealth of imitations. To this day, it is made in Italy, with artisanal care, using only high quality steel. Its classic, carefully calibrated, single-leg design allows for applying direct pressure that guarantees perfect results with every use.


cod. PG05

A complete set to ensure beautiful, perfectly groomed eyelashes. This eyelash curler, embellished with a gold finish, is even stronger thanks to its double-leg design. Its unique casts are made in Italy with artisanal care, using only high quality steel. What’s more, the set includes a very

useful, double-purpose comb, for combing eyelashes and shaping eyebrows.



cod. PG07 / PG08 / PG09

Even stronger, with a double-leg design. Its unique casts are made in Italy with artisanal care, using only high quality steel.

Available in 3 finishes:

• Nickel-plated PG08

• Gold-plated PG09

• Burnished PG07

Every package includes a spare silicone pad.



cod. GO01

The spare silicone pad allows for maintaining optimum performance

over time.

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