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Intense and deep look

with Mario Giussani eyelashes



Mario Giussani lashes are the only ones with over 60 styles, from the most natural to the most glamorous ones. They are all light and durable, very easy to put on and take off and reusable for many times. Product quality is very high: the lashes are not synthetic, but handmade, carefully crafted, starting from sterilized human hair. Only in this way the result is an absolutely natural, expressive and deep look.


How do you apply false eyelashes?

It’s really simple and only takes a few minutes.



Before applying false eyelashes, we recommend using an eyelash curler to arch your natural lashes, so that the false eyelashes adhere securely and more naturally. Pick up the false lashes with a pair of tweezers – For the first applications, the eyelashes will be self-adhesive. For later applications, spread a small amount of self adhesive glue along the rim of the false lashes. Apply the eyelashes precisely on top of your natural lashes, starting from the inner corner of your eye. Press lightly for several seconds to ensure a complete hold. For a natural effect, don’t leave any space between the base of your natural lashes and the base of the false ones. You can use a line of eye-liner to hide the junction where the eyelashes meet.


Individual lashes must be applied one at a time, take one with tweezers and remove it from the holder. For the first applications they are self-adhesive . Then soak the base of the eyelashes in a drop of Black Adhesive glue. Place the eyelashes as close as possible to the natural lash-line, starting from the center of the eye to the outside. Press gently with your fingertips for a few seconds until the glue ' grips ' . You can apply from 5 to 15 individual lashes per eye.

How do you remove false eyelashes?

It’s easy! Begin by dabbing the eyelashes with a cotton pad, from the outer corner of the eye toward the inner, to loosen the glue. Then, use tweezers to grasp the rim of the eyelashes and pull them delicately away from the eye. After use, always store the eyelashes in their click-shut case to protect them from dust and ensure that they last for many times.

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