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It all began with an idea that was revolutionary for its time: the eyelash curler, a tool for arching women’s eyelashes invented by Mario Giussani in the distant 1936.

Eyelash curlers designed by Mario Giussani were soon distributed throughout the world, proclaiming the company’s success and rapid growth.

Always ahead of the trends, in the ’60s Mario Giussani launched the first false eyelashes on the Italian market, and in no time, the brand became synonymous with quality, thanks to the handcrafted care of its products.

In the ’70s, the company’s product categories expanded, with brushes and other make-up accessories entering the catalogue: applicators, powder puffs, sponges…each always characterized by the careful selection of their raw materials and a constant regard to changes in the market. Once again ahead of the times, Mario Giussani began to produce the first false nails on site, featuring complete Made in Italy quality.

In the ’80s, the company became a SpA (i.e. joint-stock company) with over 80 employees.

In 1984, it created FORFAN, a line of bright, extremely colourful products, including greasepaints, hair sprays, and accessories for theatrical make-up.

In 2008, the Mario Giussani brand, by now a fashion legend, well-established, and recognized in beauty shops for the quality of its products, became a part of the Gabor Group.

Mario Giussani  

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